The Anthology now has its own url! (don’t forget the hyphen)

From now on, that’s where I’ll be. Would you be so kind as to update your bookmarks and links? You’re the best.

No really. You are.

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What’s even better than a guest post?

A guest post about a city I’m desperate to visit. Before her jet lag had even worn off, Liv from It’s a Beautiful Life contributed this post about Hong Kong (with a bit of Shanghai to make me extra envious).

I was much honored to be asked by The Anthology to write a guest post; it’s been so much fun watching this blog grow and I look forward to the updates in my RSS reader every day. I recently went on a whirlwind of a trip to Asia to two very happening cities: Hong Kong and Shanghai.  

Liv Hong Kong

I was born in Hong Kong so going back is like slipping on a pair of well-worn jeans — the comfort of familiarity sinks in as I drive past the dazzling city lights and formidable skyscrapers.

As for Shanghai, well I was a Shanghai virgin.  It is fascinating city which not only shows the best of East meets West but is also a great example of China’s economic progress.  Construction is everywhere, and the well-heeled Shanghainese strut their stuff on the great catwalks of Shanghai.

I’ve put together my hot list for Hong Kong – a composite of places and things I love. I hope you get to visit them soon.
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I call this shot

“Puppy snot on my lens”


For obvious reasons.

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Go Nucks!

For the past week I have been heckled (by my own mother) to post an outfit that incorporates the Canucks.

canucks t-shirt

Herewith, my husband’s old school Canucks t-shirt (this logo is my favourite).

canucks shirt detail

And a little sequin number I got at the antique fair.

canucks shirt

How do you show your support for your home team? Do you actually, like, watch their games and stuff?


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I’m kinda really excited

The Anthology just got way more connected (welcome to 2009, Kelsey). 

Find the Anthology on Facebook and let’s be friends.

And the Anthology’s now on Twitter. If you are too, let’s make sweet tweets together.

See you in cyberspace!


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When I listen to

Buraka Som Sistema’s remix of Lykke Li’s Dance Dance Dance I imagine myself in an open-air nightclub on the banks of the Danube.


Thanks Mike.

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I went to an antique fair today with the intention of getting a bookshelf, a writing desk and a dresser. I found none of those things.

vintage jacket

Instead, I found this little ditty.

velvet jacket

It’s the perfect mix of Eastern Europe and the 80s, two things I love very much.

vintage velvet jacket

And it’s way cooler than a bookshelf. Funny how you can go looking for something and be perfectly happy you didn’t find it, isn’t it?


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Open design

I wish I were more of a do-it-myselfer. I really do. If I were an extremely capable one, I just might take advantage of Ronen Kadushin’s open design concept. 

bird-table-ronen kadushin

The German designer has published designs for pieces like this on his site.


You can download his designs and, if you like, modify them.

ronen kadushin table

It’s all in the name of sharing creativity. (Thank you, Melissa, for sharing yours.)

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Like a blushing zebra

This outfit is black and white and red all over.

black white red

This vintage skirt was quite a find (I love pleats).

black white red detail

I also love imagining the original owner of my vintage pieces. This one seems like it could have belonged to a detective back when people smoked at work. What do you think?


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What can I say, I’m a superfan

Phoenix just released the video for Lisztomania and it really makes me want to see them live.

lisztomania phoenix

Will you come to Vancouver, Phoenix? Pretty please?

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