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The safety pin is a nice touch


But it’s pretty much pure radness from head to toe. Photo from


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I’m not a big cook

Because of all the amazing restaurants in Vancouver. I’ve included a list of my ten favourites (funky or cheap or authentic or all of the above) after the jump.

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This weekend sounds like

Forget my Name by Jesse Rose ft. Hot Chip.


And Like Swimming by The Foals.


(Thanks Bryce.)

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If and when I need glasses

I’d like a pair like Deiter Rams’ (photo by Abisag Tüllmann).


If and when I need a new piece of furniture, I’d like the chair he designed in 1962 (photos from Vitsoe).


Read an interesting feature on Rams’ influence on Apple here. (Thanks Terry.)


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Almost too easy

This was fun so I thought I’d play the random association game with this living room.


Believe it or not, it’s from a house made of dirt and straw. Even though I prefer those made of drywall and hardwood, I do love the coziness of it.


Almost as much as I love this sweater, which would fit beautifully in that scene.

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I can’t decide

if this is a “before” shot or not. I found this dress at the Vintage Mall in Seattle and I may very well end up leaving it exactly as it is.


If I do end up going to Sasquatch at the Gorge this summer (and I really hope I do), this dress will be coming with me.

Take a look at other “befores” and my favourite “after” here.


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I love menswear

Heck, today my outfit was compared to this guy’s:


So naturally I am obsessed with Room 907.


It features as much fashion (like this highlight from Marc by Marc Jacobs) as it does music and books and videos and design (like the shot below, which has nothing to do with menswear and everything to do with awesomeness).


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