My addiction to vintage

Cannot control myself when it comes to vintage pieces — especially handbags, skirts and jewelry. Picked up four dresses at Bohemia Gallery on Main Street in Vancouver and am getting them altered as I type. (Can’t sew my way out of a paper bag so I take my pieces to Susan’s Alterations, where my gal is always appalled by how short I want the hemline.)

Below are the “before” shots.



When I pick them up next week, I’ll post the “after” shots.


This one, to me is the funniest — kind of an 80’s take on Anne of Green Gables. I’m having the shoulder pads removed, the sleeves shortened and the hemline raised.


And the piece that is so perfect, I wouldn’t touch it at all:




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6 responses to “My addiction to vintage

  1. Liv

    Wow – i can’t wait to see how those pieces turn out. especially that one shouldered number.

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  6. Larissa

    My fav is the red one, I wore it once, it’s a dream, where did you find it??

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