I’m not a big cook

Because of all the amazing restaurants in Vancouver. I’ve included a list of my ten favourites (funky or cheap or authentic or all of the above) after the jump.

Who wants to eat in when there’s:

Zipang on Main Street (love their sushi, love how they present it)
Baru Latino on Alma (obsessed with the octopus and the ceviche)
Café Medina on Beatty (so great for brunch)
Sawasdee Thai on Main (never been to Thailand and this makes me want to go)
Lex Faux Bourgeois on East 15th (yummiest, least expensivest French food ever)
Sun Sui Wah on Main (who doesn’t love their dim sum?)
Raga on Broadway (I love Indian above all else)
Congee Noodle House on Broadway (cash only, so you know it’s going to be good)
Hawker’s Delight on Main (such yummy Malaysian take-out)

What am I missing? Oh yeah, White Spot. World’s best veggie burger (seriously).



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3 responses to “I’m not a big cook

  1. Beezie

    medina brunch soon…?… i have yet to go but i have heard so many good reviews…

  2. Kelsey

    Mmmm. Yes definitely. So delicious.

  3. Larissa

    Sushi/Thai/Dim Sum when I get back, in that order…please?!

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