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Just a bit over the top

Theatrical, really. Had these fine feathered headpieces custom made by Alice Hart.

red feathered headpiece

Not really the type of thing you wear on casual Friday.


But definitely the type of thing you wear to the ballet.

peacock headpiece

Love how peacock feathers are the colour(s) of the ocean. Can you think of anything more beautiful?



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Right now on repeat

Been listening to “No One Does It Like You” by Department of Eagles over and over and over. Take a look at the video which premiered at MoMA in NYC last week. It’s, um, hauntingly beautiful (sorry).


Thanks Kyle.

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I’m not much of a do-it-myselfer

I prefer to ask people who are actually talented with sewing machines, glue guns and millgrain lathe tools to create things for me. So this week will be all about those custom-made pieces.

raw silk dress

Like this dress I had made out of raw silk, the world’s most beautiful fabric.

silk dress detail

I’m actually looking for another excuse to wear it.

pink silk dress

Where would you sport it? Grocery shopping?


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Absolute mama’s boy

I didn’t realize how much Leroy had changed until I stumbled upon this photo.


His ears were so floppy, his fur so fuzzy (and his paws so huge). Thought I’d include a shot of someone who still weighs 8 lbs.

tuxedo cat zebra blanket

My little Bernie cat.

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For years I have had this clipping at my desk

And for years the man on the right has been making me smile.

magazine clipping

Because I have his entire outfit. From the hat I bought in the men’s department of Century 21 in New York.

old man outfit

To the Hunter Wellies which came straight from Britain.

Leroy and old man outfit

I am missing his cordouroy pants, but that doesn’t prevent me from feeling very Town & Country.

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My five favourite vintage shops

Four are in Vancouver, one is in Seattle. Where are yours?

Vintage storefront Barcelona

1. Deluxe Junk in Gastown, Vancouver
2. Pesky Peacocks on 16th, Vancouver
3. Bohemia Gallery (3243 Main Street, Vancouver)
4. Legends (4366 Main Street, Vancouver)
5. Fremont Vintage Mall in Seattle

(The storefront image, by the way, is actually from Barcelona.)

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Because I love to dance

And because I love Swedish pop bands, I’ll be listening to the Tough Alliance all weekend.


P.S. Something Special is my favourite song. It’s not on their MySpace page, but you can listen to it on emusic.

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