Know what I did on Valentine’s Day?

I fell asleep while watching a movie. Know what my friend Claire did on Valentine’s Day? She spent the weekend in a castle in the southeast of Ireland.


Her boyfriend Fiachra took her to the 800 year-old Waterford Castle located on its own island.


So beautiful, even its window latches are works of art.

“When we arrived we took a stroll around, went for dinner and had drinks at the cozy bar,” she says.


“Crawled down for a full-out breakfast buffet the next day and played a round of golf.”


“It was the most surprising gift.”


And this, friends, is why it pays to date a European.

First photo from Claire, the rest from (Thanks Claire.)



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5 responses to “Know what I did on Valentine’s Day?

  1. Want to know what I did on valentines day?
    Not quite as romantic but valid all the same.

  2. claire

    kels!!! this is hilarious! im so proud that i actually contributed to your blog! just a few weeks ago, i didn’t even know what a blog was!! (we’re technologically behind in ireland, bebo/facebook is as far as we go) thanks for spelling fiachra right! xoxo

  3. Liv

    Wow that is utterly romantic and so beautiful…how sweet!

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