Just a bit over the top

Theatrical, really. Had these fine feathered headpieces custom made by Alice Hart.

red feathered headpiece

Not really the type of thing you wear on casual Friday.


But definitely the type of thing you wear to the ballet.

peacock headpiece

Love how peacock feathers are the colour(s) of the ocean. Can you think of anything more beautiful?



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4 responses to “Just a bit over the top

  1. Liv

    oh my goodness – those are pieces of art. Her work is so beautiful and elegant – it makes you wish life could just be all about watching polo, sipping high tea, and cocktail parties everyday just so you could wear these. I clearly need to be a socialite!

  2. Kelsey

    Yes! You’re so right. Just imagine what sort of creations you could get away with at Royal Ascot.

  3. Those pieces are stunning! I rarely pay attention to hair accessories, but I would so get these. Thanks for posting!

    Love your blog by the way (saw your post on IFB forums). I work in advertising as well, so I can appreciate the work you put into your site, considering how stressful the day job is :)

  4. Kelsey

    I love yours too!

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