Too perfect to put on

When I fell in love with an illustration of a blustery fall day by my friend Michael Doehle, he silk-screened it into a men’s American Apparel t-shirt for me.

screen printed shirt

Though Bernie’s less interested in the shirt than the camera strap.

cat attacks camera strap

I love it so much I’ve hardly ever worn it because I never want to wash it (heaven forbid it shrinks). Is that so wrong?

silk screen shirt detail

Is there anything you consider too precious to wear?



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3 responses to “Too perfect to put on

  1. Meg

    What a gorgeous shirt! I try to make a point of wearing all my clothes, but I do have one pair of heels I hardly wear but love them too much to give them away.

  2. Kelsey

    Keep them! If you ever gave them away you’d want to wear them the very next day.

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