Two Mikes. Two shirts.

Both, interestingly enough, with some bright blue and neon orange.

custom shirt

The first is by the stylish Mike Lyall who silkscreened 6 0h 4 on it. (604 is Vancouver’s area code. 6 0h 4 just makes me laugh).

M Lyall shirt detail

The second is by Michael Doehle (also the man behind this shirt) who collaborated with Jamie Bizness on this one-of-a-kind piece.

one of a kind shirt

He gave it to our pal Dana as a parting gift (thanks for the photos Dana).

shirt detail

Do you know any other Mikes who could whip up some custom shirts? I want to expand my collection.



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6 responses to “Two Mikes. Two shirts.

  1. One of our freelance creative directors actually opened up a business creating custom t-shirts a while ago, but the designs didn’t blow me away. His name isn’t Mike either, maybe that’s why I wasn’t impressed?

    I love the designs you posted though! I’d probably be too scared to wear off the print, or are the shirts quite durable?

  2. How can I contact him…would love one!

  3. Kelsey


    For the 6 oh 4 shirts, you can reach Mike L. at rainbowponysurprise (at)

    And for the corazy one-of-a-kind shirts, you can reach Mike D. at mike.doehle (at)

    Let me know what you get and send me photoooooos!

  4. Larissa

    Those are my boots!

    I see you’ve really raided my closets in the time I’ve been gone, your blog does not lie!

    see you in 2 weeks, bring Leroy to dinner, thanks!

  5. Dogg

    Mike Snider could be another Mike who could whip up some custom shirts.

  6. Kelsey

    You mean the guy from Superbad???

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