Go Nucks!

For the past week I have been heckled (by my own mother) to post an outfit that incorporates the Canucks.

canucks t-shirt

Herewith, my husband’s old school Canucks t-shirt (this logo is my favourite).

canucks shirt detail

And a little sequin number I got at the antique fair.

canucks shirt

How do you show your support for your home team? Do you actually, like, watch their games and stuff?



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9 responses to “Go Nucks!

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  2. Irina

    Yay, Canucks!

  3. Max

    Only you could pull off a vintage sports sweatshirt with a sequined sweater and look fabulous!!!

  4. Liv

    i would have never paired a vintage sequined cardi with an old yellow skate logo’d canucks tee – you rock! it looks super. now i wish i did not throw out my vintage Bure canucks tee.

    Now, how to wear my canucks jersey without looking too puck bunny ish?

  5. Go Canucks Go! This is the year!

  6. Irina

    Your mama sure knows her stuff. Yay Canucks!

  7. beezie

    why aren’t there people this cool in my back lane?

  8. i am now searching for a black sequin jacket…

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