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What’s even better than a guest post?

A guest post about a city I’m desperate to visit. Before her jet lag had even worn off, Liv from It’s a Beautiful Life contributed this post about Hong Kong (with a bit of Shanghai to make me extra envious).

I was much honored to be asked by The Anthology to write a guest post; it’s been so much fun watching this blog grow and I look forward to the updates in my RSS reader every day. I recently went on a whirlwind of a trip to Asia to two very happening cities: Hong Kong and Shanghai.  

Liv Hong Kong

I was born in Hong Kong so going back is like slipping on a pair of well-worn jeans — the comfort of familiarity sinks in as I drive past the dazzling city lights and formidable skyscrapers.

As for Shanghai, well I was a Shanghai virgin.  It is fascinating city which not only shows the best of East meets West but is also a great example of China’s economic progress.  Construction is everywhere, and the well-heeled Shanghainese strut their stuff on the great catwalks of Shanghai.

I’ve put together my hot list for Hong Kong – a composite of places and things I love. I hope you get to visit them soon.
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Two tickets to Turkey please

I’m going in June and the wait is killing me (patience isn’t one of my virtues).


My friend Mike sent me a note about wittistanbul (thanks Mike), which, as Apartment Therapy points out, is done up in loads of patterns but few colours.


With a rather stunning mix of modern and midcentury modern inspiration.


Have you been to Turkey? Where should I go? What should I do?


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My two favourite websites on the internet

Air Ninja for cheap flights.

And Tablet Hotels for gorgeous places like Adam&Eve, which is where I would love to stay when I go to Turkey.



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Know what I did on Valentine’s Day?

I fell asleep while watching a movie. Know what my friend Claire did on Valentine’s Day? She spent the weekend in a castle in the southeast of Ireland.


Her boyfriend Fiachra took her to the 800 year-old Waterford Castle located on its own island.


So beautiful, even its window latches are works of art.

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The perfect Seattle day

For me, that means raiding the Vintage Mall in Fremont (more on that later), getting cardamon ice cream at Molly Moon’s in Wallingford (I’m not even an ice cream gal  — it’s just that good).

photo from Yelp

photo from Yelp

And eating dinner at How to Cook a Wolf on Queen Anne Hill (seriously — since when is spaghetti the best dish in the world?).

Photo from Komo News

Photo from Komo News


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Let’s talk about Barcelona

I loooooooove that city. Rented an apartment with my girlfriends last spring and lived the good life for one short week.





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