Open design

I wish I were more of a do-it-myselfer. I really do. If I were an extremely capable one, I just might take advantage of Ronen Kadushin’s open design concept. 

bird-table-ronen kadushin

The German designer has published designs for pieces like this on his site.


You can download his designs and, if you like, modify them.

ronen kadushin table

It’s all in the name of sharing creativity. (Thank you, Melissa, for sharing yours.)


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Like a blushing zebra

This outfit is black and white and red all over.

black white red

This vintage skirt was quite a find (I love pleats).

black white red detail

I also love imagining the original owner of my vintage pieces. This one seems like it could have belonged to a detective back when people smoked at work. What do you think?


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What can I say, I’m a superfan

Phoenix just released the video for Lisztomania and it really makes me want to see them live.

lisztomania phoenix

Will you come to Vancouver, Phoenix? Pretty please?

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Two of my favourite things

Design*Sponge (one of the best interior design blogs out there) + The Cross (hands down my favourite decor store in Vancouver, which is also where I found my beautiful mirror) = a very interesting interview.

Cross Design Sponge

Photo by Kim Christie for Canadian House and Home.

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Travelin’ To-orist

Guest posts are the best posts (especially when they’re about romance, recycling and Romanelli hats). This one is from my sister-in-law Jaclyn.

I’ll be in London this June and plan to scour the streets for Kenyan-born Brian Gathii’s To-orist line filled with safari-inspired streetwear.


Think: Prince meets Kanye meets… King Tut?

to-orist sweatshirt

With bold colours and edgy appliques each piece is perfectly prismatic.


Photo from oki-ni.

Want to contribute to the Anthology? (Hooray! I’ve been hoping you would.) Send me a note at Thanks again Jac!


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At work, it’s a shirt

On the beach in Barcelona, it’s a dress. I love a good shirt/dress. So versatile.

DKNY dress

And then there’s my amethyst cuff, which is always an amethyst cuff. 

amethyst cuff

Forget diamonds, I think coloured stones are a girl’s best friend.


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A true snow baby

whistler puppy

If you asked Leroy, he’d probably tell you Whistler is his new favourite place.

whistler puppy running

Much of it, like Lost Lake, is still covered in snow. And so, so beautiful.

puppy leap whistler

He spent forever running and digging and having the time of his life. Right up until a cranky old corgie ruined his fun. 

puppy snow

What is it about the snow that’s just so, so much fun?


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