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Open design

I wish I were more of a do-it-myselfer. I really do. If I were an extremely capable one, I just might take advantage of Ronen Kadushin’s open design concept. 

bird-table-ronen kadushin

The German designer has published designs for pieces like this on his site.


You can download his designs and, if you like, modify them.

ronen kadushin table

It’s all in the name of sharing creativity. (Thank you, Melissa, for sharing yours.)


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Two of my favourite things

Design*Sponge (one of the best interior design blogs out there) + The Cross (hands down my favourite decor store in Vancouver, which is also where I found my beautiful mirror) = a very interesting interview.

Cross Design Sponge

Photo by Kim Christie for Canadian House and Home.

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I couldn’t talk about custom-made goodies

without including my two favourite rings (k, fine: my two only rings). The band was designed with the help of my talented designer friend (you’re the best, Ben).

ruby diamond white gold rings

And the ruby was inspired by these earrings from Vogue.


Which one day maybe, hopefully will one day be mine.


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Who’s as addicted as I am?

I could spend forever on the selby, which features the out-of-this-world homes, studios and workspaces of some very interesting people.


With photos, paintings and videos by the remarkable Todd Selby.


I can’t get enough. Can you?


It got me thinking about my creative space, which consists of my couch and my PowerBook (with Bernie on my lap and Leroy at my feet). What’s yours?

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Two tickets to Turkey please

I’m going in June and the wait is killing me (patience isn’t one of my virtues).


My friend Mike sent me a note about wittistanbul (thanks Mike), which, as Apartment Therapy points out, is done up in loads of patterns but few colours.


With a rather stunning mix of modern and midcentury modern inspiration.


Have you been to Turkey? Where should I go? What should I do?


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Next, I need to start on my collection of dining room chairs

Love the character that mismatched chairs add to a dining room. 


Like these ones from Design*Sponge.

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If and when I need glasses

I’d like a pair like Deiter Rams’ (photo by Abisag Tüllmann).


If and when I need a new piece of furniture, I’d like the chair he designed in 1962 (photos from Vitsoe).


Read an interesting feature on Rams’ influence on Apple here. (Thanks Terry.)


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