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Living room picnic

Someone once said a meal’s only worth making if it’s going to be better than good bread and good cheese.

bread cheese spread

Is there anything better than good bread and good cheese?

bread and cheese

Had some friends over to meet Leroy this afternoon. Served them my favourite living room picnic (while the little beast dined on kibble).


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I’m not a big cook

Because of all the amazing restaurants in Vancouver. I’ve included a list of my ten favourites (funky or cheap or authentic or all of the above) after the jump.

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The perfect Seattle day

For me, that means raiding the Vintage Mall in Fremont (more on that later), getting cardamon ice cream at Molly Moon’s in Wallingford (I’m not even an ice cream gal  — it’s just that good).

photo from Yelp

photo from Yelp

And eating dinner at How to Cook a Wolf on Queen Anne Hill (seriously — since when is spaghetti the best dish in the world?).

Photo from Komo News

Photo from Komo News


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