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A true snow baby

whistler puppy

If you asked Leroy, he’d probably tell you Whistler is his new favourite place.

whistler puppy running

Much of it, like Lost Lake, is still covered in snow. And so, so beautiful.

puppy leap whistler

He spent forever running and digging and having the time of his life. Right up until a cranky old corgie ruined his fun. 

puppy snow

What is it about the snow that’s just so, so much fun?



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It is my pleasure to introduce to you the Class of ’09

I could not be more proud.

puppy school grad

Leroy graduated puppy school.Leroy diploma

With flying colours.leroy graduation


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Three trips to the beach

And still the baby beast prefers dry land.

puppy in Kits Vancouver

Spent the whole weekend by the water and Leroy barely dipped his toes in the surf. This photo makes me smile, though. Partly because he looks so thrilled to be leaving the beach and partly because my city looks so pretty in the background.

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So sweet when he’s sleeping

So symmetrical too.


Puppy preschool can really wear a guy out.

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Oh boy, Leroy

What is with those paws?


And so they don’t get jealous of all the attention Leroy’s getting, I’ve included photos of my other two beasts after the jump.

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Headless and hilarious

Just as I snapped this photo, Leroy wriggled his head right out of the frame.


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