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Go Nucks!

For the past week I have been heckled (by my own mother) to post an outfit that incorporates the Canucks.

canucks t-shirt

Herewith, my husband’s old school Canucks t-shirt (this logo is my favourite).

canucks shirt detail

And a little sequin number I got at the antique fair.

canucks shirt

How do you show your support for your home team? Do you actually, like, watch their games and stuff?



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I went to an antique fair today with the intention of getting a bookshelf, a writing desk and a dresser. I found none of those things.

vintage jacket

Instead, I found this little ditty.

velvet jacket

It’s the perfect mix of Eastern Europe and the 80s, two things I love very much.

vintage velvet jacket

And it’s way cooler than a bookshelf. Funny how you can go looking for something and be perfectly happy you didn’t find it, isn’t it?


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Like a blushing zebra

This outfit is black and white and red all over.

black white red

This vintage skirt was quite a find (I love pleats).

black white red detail

I also love imagining the original owner of my vintage pieces. This one seems like it could have belonged to a detective back when people smoked at work. What do you think?


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My five favourite vintage shops

Four are in Vancouver, one is in Seattle. Where are yours?

Vintage storefront Barcelona

1. Deluxe Junk in Gastown, Vancouver
2. Pesky Peacocks on 16th, Vancouver
3. Bohemia Gallery (3243 Main Street, Vancouver)
4. Legends (4366 Main Street, Vancouver)
5. Fremont Vintage Mall in Seattle

(The storefront image, by the way, is actually from Barcelona.)

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Who thinks pleats are neat?

I do! I do!

blue vintage dress

Found this little beauty at Deluxe Junk in Vancouver and had it shortened (significantly) so I could wear it all the time (like every night in Vegas last summer).

blue dress detail

I don’t have a before shot so picture this: a dress so long, so pleated, it would have been the favourite of a high school librarian in ’85.


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We can’t be sure

But we think this leather skirt might have belonged to my friend’s grade five teacher in ’86.

red leather skirt

We can be sure where the shirt came from, though. It was my husband’s up until the drycleaner shrunk the sleeves.


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I owe this outfit to two people

Sonja, for insisting I buy a jumpsuit. And Melissa, who introduced me to Pesky Peacocks where I got it.

black vintage jumpsuit


I should also thank my ma and sis for the necklace I’m wearing — I made it using my mom’s pendant from the sixties and pretty, pretty stones from my sister’s collection.

black jumpsuit vintage

Thanks team.


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